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Tech Interrupt is all about technology, culture and its many intersections. Topics can include gaming (including Gamification) and ensuring the safety of our children in this ever-evolving world. There is snake oil and FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) in equal measure sprinkled around the Internet. I will chart us a path through it.

It’s a-me, Tristan!

I’m Tristan. I’m the author of Tech Interrupt. I live in Surrey, and my family consists of three children (and one grandchild!) and two cats. By day, I work in tech for a fairly well-known cloud provider, specialising in solutions architecture for the Games industry.

Away from work, I love running. I previously operated as a football (soccer) referee at the semi-professional levels of the game. The highest level perhaps being best described as, “Holding a flag at the level Wrexham were at before they got promoted in their Netflix series”. Family commitments mean I now operate at a more casual level which involves much shorter trips and time ‘lost’ at weekends.

I also hold a black belt in Judo. Two key principles I try to apply to life: Maximum efficiency with minimal effort and Mutual benefit.

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